Sunday, 18 February 2018

What made me happy this week - 7/52

This morning I went to the Zoo, Hamilton Zoo to be precise.  I was invited to make up the numbers with one of the guys from work and his family as they had booked a Lemur Encounter.  Who was I to say no, and OMG it was soooooooooooooooo good!!!

We got to feed these little dudes and dudettes and the babies some snacks as they had already had breakfast.  So glad I tagged along, Lemurs are ADORABLE!!!

Monday, 12 February 2018

Raglan and life in general!!

Ok because some of you wanted more on Raglan you are getting it!!  

Parked in the reserve on Cliff St I sat in the car and ate my lunch with the windows down and some of the locals for company!!  The got the crusts and the extra lettuce that got pulled from my sarnies.

Three of my favourite shops all on the way or on the wharf.  I have been in then so often that the owners have all presumed I live in Raglan!! 

My purchase is 'Baby Stan' pot from The Monster Company.  I have a mix of their stuff and Dawns at home now.

Standing outside the shop called Soul the view is up the harbour so I went for a wander as the tide was low.  The view back to the Blue painted shops on the Wharf is lovely.

I have not wandered along the edge of the harbour for years, not much sand, lots of rocks and stones, but still lovely.

Parked again in Cliff St but closer to town I wander along the path that leads to the bridge that takes you over the sea to the Camping Ground.  Believe it or not, but I have never done this before!!

I had a strong desire to walk on the sand and paddle in the ocean so off to the beach I went. Only taking photos and leaving my footprints!

Before I drove home I headed out to Manu Bay and then up high above the main beach to enjoy those glorious views.  With all my senses being satisfied with my coastal visit I treated myself to a coffee and some cake for my drive home.

Now for other stuff that has been happening:

Our youngest sons (wearing white shirt in right hand photo) girlfriend (wearing white in left hand photo) turned 21 so we all attended her birthday bash in town. Our eldest son and his girlfriend came with me and TOF (couple in front in right hand  photo) pretty sure you can see me and TOF.  It was a pretty nice night out, and so cool to have us all together!!

How pretty are Purple Asters?

I saved this baby from being a play date with Toebee! 

I have this very cool basket woven out of old plastic strapping that a certain young cat took a fancy to. I love how it is made from recycled plastic.

Darling Old Biggles Mc Big Cat aka BIG
is very much cruising his way through life.

Oscar my little old man was feeling the cold the other day when it was raining so he made himself a nest in my blanket.

Sheba is always on the go and always has a ball or toy to play with,
so no wonder she is zonked out at night time.

And of course there is Spunk muffin himself,
If he gets any cuter he will get arrested! 

There have been daily gatherings from the garden 
be it produce,or flowers,all is gratefully received. 

I was given 3 kilos of Tomatoes
so they got made into SAUCE!

I read an entire book the other day
as it was raining
and TOF was out fishing!

The hunter and gatherer on board the boat
showing off one off his catches.

All my Parked  rides are now Parked and Thrive!!

I have made a new garden and immediately had to CHICKEN PROOF it as the girls were eyeing it all up.

Maybe later in the week I will take you on my walk in the Hamilton Gardens in the RAIN!!  So beautiful and so colourful.  

But before I sign off and head to bed,
check out some new looks I am trialing.



***Good night***


Sunday, 11 February 2018

What made me happy this week - 6/52

Driving out to Raglan in little red with a shop bought sandwich and eating it in the company of some local sea gulls.  

I visited three of my favourite shops, walked on the black sand, paddled in the ocean and breathed in all the goodness of being by the sea.

***Thank you Raglan***

Sunday, 4 February 2018

What made me happy this week - 5/52

A brief get together with some of my girls, well ok, maybe brief is an understatement, we did another 12hr session!!

I first met this bunch of lovely ladies 20 years ago when my youngest was starting Kindergarten. Whenever we get together we solve world problems, share memories, show photos of our kids (we all have two each all similar ages) and basically yarn the day/night away.  Plenty of booze got consumed, nibbles were nibbled, and there was hula hooping and tap dancing performances by some of them, and midnight swimming by others.  How can you not enjoy time spent with a bunch of top bitches!! Here is too many more of these lengthy times together.

Sunday, 28 January 2018

What made me happy this week - 4/52

All the glorious fresh Summer Fruit that is available!!

Fresh juicy Peaches, Nectarines, Plums,
and many more on offer this time of the year!!!

Friday, 26 January 2018

Now this is what I really call SUMMER!!!

OMG it has been soooooo HOT lately, today we even nudged our way up to 30* maybe even higher.  All I can say is thank goodness for desk fans, ceiling fans, and air con in cars and shops.  This has been the long hot summer everyone ordered, now peeps are complaining about it being too hot. Crikey, next thing we will be up to our armpits in Winter, so I for one are going to keep enjoying it.

The garden and all my pots are looking so colourful, and I have a daily routine with my watering can to maintain this look.

 So much glorious happy colour!!

I do not know the botanical name for this, I have always know it as a Climbing Lily.  Some bulbs were given to me by my Grandmother Lilian years ago and once a year she appears in my garden, forcing her way up through the Daphne.

Silly dogs lay panting in the heat!
I have consumed quite a bit of cooling and refreshing beer. 

Big knows that if he rests on the tea wagon he is under the ceiling fan!! 

Toebee goes from being cute and cuddly to KILLER CAT, well more like catch and play cat.  He has numerous places through the day to rest and keep cool.

I have lots of colourful Statice that I am hanging to dry.

I've been out in the country catching up with friends.

I bought this off Dawn, one of her latest creations.
You can burn a tea light or incense inside it.

Wearing cotton is a must, I added length and pom poms to my tropical dress as I prefer long when it comes to summer frocks.

We have had so much humidity that these guys have returned. 

TOF and I went to the movies to see Darkest Hour, my my what a good movie it was too.  We  were like real grown ups and went out for dinner after the movie. Next thing we will be going for Sunday Drives!!

So the bike on the left you will remember I bought off trade me.  Well the man listed the trike so I could not help myself. Such a little beauty too, but she will be more beautiful once she has had her tray planted.

I saw this awesome old Tandem bike on Trade Me, but alas it was way out of my budget and in the South Island.

The op shops are back open and full to the brim with opportunities!!  Between them and Trade Me I have been getting some good finds.

This trifecta of goodness was all from trade me.  The chairs were a bargain, in fact TOF and I reclined on them in the middle of the lawn late one hot night and watched the stars!!  Gorgeous cushions from a foreign country and Blueberry plants that are producing a handful of fruit a day, YUM!

When having a bit of a sort of things I rediscovered all the tins I covered in photos for Jak's 21st a couple of years ago.  This one has a favourite photo of us all so it holds all my Gel pens used for doodling even tho this only shows a few. 

Although I am back at work I am happily spending my afternoons in the garden which usually ends up being the evening when the flowers look so magical.  These photos were actually taken on my mobile phone.

This little assortment has made their way inside today to be enjoyed in the cool of the lounge where the ceiling fan has not stopped.